Hay Day Diamonds and Other Features

You probably thinking now how to get more diamonds without spending any real money in the game. This is very hard to do but it’s possible. You was thinking about people who have a lot of items and features in very short time. I was thinking about it to for long time, how many money the have?! There are two ways. They spend a lot of money or know something like tip? Here you go! I was searching in the web about the tips to get more diamonds and finally found them! I entered to this site: http://www.astucehayday.com/, this is site about the tips to Hay Day. Firstly i was suprised. That is may working? One way, i got this tool to my computer. When i opened them apear a little application to big button „generate”. Ok, i choosed the amount of features and clicked generate button. After a minute i checked my account. Wow! i was in shock!
In my account appeared a 999999 diamonds! You have to check it yourself, enjoy!


Introview to ours blog. Welcome all players!

Hi, everyone. Im’s so happy that you entered to my site. Would you like to get a usefull infrormation about Hay Day? I yes, it’s fantastic news. I will post here a lot of interseting news about this game. Firstly i present you my experience with this app. I play Hay Day a 2 years and i have a lot of great memory.

Everyone need to know that this game  is a resource-collecting and simulation application. If you can 13 or more years old you can  . The game is free to play, Players can spend real money to get diamonds. The Game is integrated with IOS and Android System. After 29 level the neightbours are unlocked, thats grat option. Neighborhoods can be open to everybody.